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History of University Radio Nottingham

University Radio Nottingham is the multi-award–winning student radio station of the University of Nottingham Students’ Union. The station is completely run by students right from the Monday morning headline reader all the way to the editor of the station.

1970s - Radio Club on BBC Radio Nottingham

In the late 70’s The University of Nottingham Radio Broadcasting Club is given an weekly hour slot on BBC Radio Nottingham.

1978 - First Studio Constucted

The first studio in setup in the Cherry Tree building. ‘Built from tape and matchstick boxes’ - Jeff Owen

1979 - First Broadcast!

In November of 1979 we braodcast for the first time, under the name ‘University Radio Nottingham’ a name that has stuck ever since. Orginailly we only broadcast to Hugh Stewart Hall and Cripps Hall on 963 kHz.

1980s - More Listeners

Over the comming years other induction loops were set up in many other halls across the university park campus.

1990 - Sutton Bonington Gets URN

Another induction loop is setup on Sutton Bonington Campus graciously financed by their guild.

1997 - URN Goes On To the Web

University Radio Nottingham starts broadcasting worldwide via the internet, we were one of the first stations to use the MP3 format.

2003 - Goodbye Cherry Tree

With the demolishion of the Cherry Tree Buildings URN are moved to purpose built studios in the bottom of the Portland Building.

2004 - Portland Broadcasting Begins

In 2004 we started broadcasting from the new studios in the Portland Building.

2012 - Digital Refit

During the summer of 2012 URN underwent an upgrade, out with the old and in with the new. A Studer mixing and routing system was installed.

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