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Michael Gaffney



I have two fantastic, lasting memories of URN, both of which involve the very healthy social side of the station.

The first was the long-standing tradition of the URN Sports Team Initiation. Unfortunately the exact details of this must remain a secret, but it was a top night, which sealed friendships I still have to this day. I hope its still an annual tradition.

The second was winning Station of the Year at the 2013 SRAs - an unprecedented third win on the bounce. Already well refreshed, we got back to the coach which was to return us to Nottingham to discover Ben Malone had stashed an entire suitcase full of prosecco bottles on board. Now that was a celebration!

Id also like to mention Elliot Johnson. We had some terrific arguments on The Big Picture. We disagreed on pretty much everything, but he was a good bloke and I considered him a friend. He left this world far too soon.

After graduating from Nottingham I went to Sheffield University where I earned a PgDip in Broadcast Journalism, and freelanced for BBC Radio Sheffield.

I then worked as a broadcast journalist for the Lincs Group in Hull & the Wireless Group (News UK) in Wigan.

I now work for Global at their broadcast centre in Manchester.

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Politics BA
SU Award for Contributing to the Student Experience.